Tuesday, 4 May 2021

100 word challenge

 Bella and her friends were having a sleepover. They decided to play hide and seek. Bella was the seeker, she counted to 50 sec.

After a 50 sec count Bella went to look for her friends. She looked everywhere but still nobody found.

After 10m she found four of them, now she only needed one more. She knew there was only one room she didn’t check yet. So quietly she went down to the basement.  Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. Bella was scared but then it was bright again. After that, she found the last hider.

After, they all went to sleep.


  1. Good use of the "darkness enveloped the room," prompt. Good use of commas and full stops. Maybe, instead of going to sleep at the end, you could have described the really cool place that the person was hiding in.

  2. This was a believable plot for the prompt, Angela! I could definitely see something like this happening in a game of hide-and-seek. I wonder how Bella reacted to the last hider pulling a prank on her like that. Her other friends must also be really sneaky hiders to be able to conceal themselves for 10 minutes. Great work on this and keep writing!


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